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Meet a new blogger; Rachel Paues creator of

The Fashion Federation was created by Rachel Paues for women to share their inspirations, creativity and cheeky little secrets in hope to empower each other through fashion and lifestyle.

With a serious obsession for fashion and the regret of not following her heart as a teenager, Rachel has decided that it is now time for her to do what she has always dreamt of...

Live, breathe and write fashion!

Rachel has three young children, a hard working husband (namely to support his wife's shopping addiction and pay the bills) and a small managerie of domestic animals. As far as education goes, Rachel has a background in Marketing and Communications, a Diploma in Life Coaching and Counselling and countless certificates in Management however her devotion has always been in fashion and seeking inspiration from those who share a similar mind.

Rachel says;

"My aim is to combine all of my life experiences with my heart and passion in a forum where women feel comfortable to share their beauty, fashion and lifestyle experiences. I want them to ask for advice and gain personal empowerment from not only my personal journey here on in, but from each other."I hope that by putting myself out there and finally jumping two feet in to my dream, that someone out there will be inspired to do the same. We need to celebrate ourselves more and embrace who we are instead of aiming for expectations created by others."

With a new interviewee every month, you are bound to learn something new and meet some interesting people, so jump on and follow her on her blog The Fashion Federation and facebook

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