6 Things you should know about when organising a Wedding.

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I remember very clearly when I got engaged...... I was the first in my family and friendship group, it was exciting and new and I had no one to refer to for advice on what to do and what not to do when organising a wedding.

I had to incorporate the Polish and Italian traditions so my journey became a bit more complicated as I checked every decision with the two cultures as I didn't want to upset anyone or ignore any important tradition I was not aware of. So I started to undergo the long list of things to organise and my head began to fill with reminders and dead lines to the point that I bought 3 different bridal diaries in the hope that they will help me with how to plan a wedding day. Can you relate?

I wish I had someone to help me with the information I could not find in books about organising a wedding, so it was this experience that taught me on what to do and what not to do when organising a wedding. So here are my lessons learnt not only in my own life but from my hundreds of brides journeys also.

I hope you can use these to help your journey to be as incredible as possible with the day going just as you imagined it would.

6 Things you should know about when organising a Wedding;

1. If you have a favourite Makeup Artist book her/him ASAP as they book over a year in advance. In South Australia there are only about 35 weekends a year that are ideal for a wedding in which you can wear whatever you like without freezing to death or be wet as a rat. So keeping that in mind, these days are highly sought after, so if you are after an experienced, talented and sought after Makeup Artist don't leave such an important thing to book to only 6 months out from your wedding day. As soon as you have the ceremony and reception booked, book your Wedding Makeup Artist and Wedding Photographer next. If you don't have a favourite makeup artist and don't know much about their aesthetic then please book a trial to ensure the look you had in mind will actually suit you and your features. A makeup trial is always a great idea. It lets you get to know the artist, become more relaxed on the day, give you a opportunity to see how the makeup holds up throughout the day and have time to make alterations if any are needed on your makeup or skincare routine before the big day.

2. Your Wedding Day will start depending on what time your ceremony is. If you are not an early riser, try not to book a 11am or 12pm ceremony when organising a wedding, especially if you have a big bridal party. The photographer usually likes to arrive 1.5 hrs before you need to leave to take pre-wedding photos of you, your bridesmaids and parents. This means that everyone's Hair and Makeup needs to be finished by then. Allow an hour per person for makeup, an hour per person for hair, and work back from that. If you have over 5 girls to be made up, ask for your Hair and Makeup Artist to bring a team to work on multiple girls at the same time shortening your prep time. You may need to pay a little bit more, but starting at 6:30am is so much nicer then 5am, trust me!

3. When organising a wedding, think about the morning and how you want it to feel. Have a playlist ready to take you throughout the day from early morning chill out tunes, to more happy and moving tunes as the day goes on. Think about the food and drinks available for your family and friends getting up super early with you. You don’t want everyone's energy levels plummeting to a low as you're about to head to the Wedding Ceremony. Include healthy options as well as treats for those sugar lovers, and see if anyone has any food allergies before doing the shop.

4. When organising the wedding, think about the whole day and the in-between formalities. Have refreshments ready for the car ride between the ceremony and reception. There is nothing worse then a bridal party who is parched and hungry and just wants the photo-shoot to be over and done with so they can get to the reception and eat and drink. Having some bubbles on hand always adds to the vibe too, so include some beers or wine for plenty of candid laughs in your photos- but don't over do it, as that can go horribly wrong too!

5. When organising a wedding, don’t forget the sunscreen and battery operated fans for those hot Australian summer days. You don’t want to arrive at the reception looking like a tomato, especially boys -and their red noses!

6. When organising your Wedding, think about your Wedding Bridal Bouquet and what you'd like to do with it after? There are some great options like preserving them, displaying them in a 3D frame or a glass wedding dome, or as a table feature in your home. This is a great idea if your bouquet is unique, sentimental or if you spent lots of money on your wedding flowers already and you'd love to keep the bouquet as a time capsule to pass on down through generations. Check out Precious Posies as an option for a local supplier in SA, but make sure you find out from them fist how to look after your wedding flowers to have them looking their best after preservation.

7. When organising your wedding, its a good idea to meet your Wedding Photographer before booking him/her and make sure their vibe blends in with yours. There is nothing worse than spending a whole day with a bossy and stressed or serious photographer that makes having your photo taken feel like a chore.

I hope these 6 tips to think about when organising a wedding have helped you in at least one way. If you have recently become engaged and would like to check my and my teams availability, please contact me for a quote.

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