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TOP Makeup Brushes I can't live without!

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Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artist in Australia - Aleksandra Pinneri - Unveil the Beauty

For those who have attended my makeup courses and classes, you will often hear me say that even Michelangelo wouldn’t have been able to paint the masterpieces he did without the right tools. This is exactly how I feel about painting faces, the importance of using the right brush for each job will have your skills and results rise to another level and I am here to share with you my top 8 makeup brushes I can’t live without and use every day. Read on for a little surprise at the end;

TOP 8 Makeup Brushes I can’t Live without;

1. Black Pro Crease Makeup Brush C528 for blending the crease especially for smaller eyes or detail work. This is my favorite favorite makeup brush and if Crown Brush Australia discontinue this brush I will cry for a solid week I think!

2. Blending Crease Makeup Brush SS027 for blending your eyeshadow like a pro! The softness, flexibility and quality is on another level and I have so many of these makeup brushes in my kit that I guarantee you a blend like a wave of a magician’s wand ..puff and the lines have disappeared!

3. Angle Definer C409 Eye Liner Makeup Brush; to give you winged eyeliner as sharp as a knife! Its thin enough to give you a detailed line and because its an angle brush, it makes those wings even easier!

4. Angle Duo Brow Makeup Brush C158 with a spoolie on one end to blend and brush the brows through and an angle brush on the other side, fine enough to create hair like strokes to perfection.

5. Oval Eyeshow Applicator Makeup Brush BK33- perfect size for small to medium sized eyes, still giving you control and the ability to choose where you place your eyeshadow down. Its soft, easy to pick up pigments as well as pressed eyeshadows and fits in all the hard to get spots.

6. Bullet Makeup Brush C513 for blending out that delicious defused colour on the bottom lash line and detailed work. The softness of this brush doesn’t scratch your skin like some bullet brushes do, but also the head is pointy enough to get right under those bottom lashes unlike some fatter fuller bullet makeup brushes that leave the eyeshadow just way to thick when applied.

7. Angle Blush Makeup Brush BK32 for applying Blush and Contour. Its firm enough to be able to grab enough colour on it, its flexible enough to blend like a boss, and its angled to help you create shape to the face with ease. Its super versatile and the makeup brush hairs are really lovely and don’t fall out like some other brushes I’ve used.

8. Angle Kabuki Foundation Makeup Brush C453- you will fall in love with the thickness, softness and efficiency it gives you when applying foundation, skin prep and primer. You can do it all with this brush and it will not leave steaks on the face like some foundation brushed can. Stipple it, blend it, paste it, you can do it all with this one baby!

Want to know more about my favourite brushes? Head over to my video here.

Love these brushes and want them too?

So the good news is that beautiful team at Crown Brush Australia have been kind enough to create a promo code for my beautiful clients and followers who would like to try these products and probably many more once you jump on their website. There are Makeup Brushes, Makeup Bags, Tools, Accessories and even makeup!

Your special Promo Code is UNVEIL20 which will give you 20% off your purchases!

You are welcome!!

Feel Free to share this blog with any friends or family looking for quality affordable makeup brushes that I vouch for!

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