Hi, Iʼm Alexandra!
Iʼm a freelance Hair & Makeup Artist, whoʼs been blessed to be
adding confidence and that wow factor to my amazing clients around Australia for the last 14 years!

How did it all begin?

Strangely enough, my journey to becoming a Make up Artist began by completing a Bachelor of Marketing Degree at University of South Australia. I loved meeting new people, not be chained to a desk all day and being creative so I thought a corporate job in Marketing was going to be the answer to happiness & wealth. Unfortunately however after working for fast paced companies like Coca-Cola, Carlton United Breweries & Optus over 6 years I found that the inflexibility of juggling a family & still meeting monthly targets was not an ideal way to reach my dream life, so what did I do? I reflected on my life and the jobs that bought me most joy, and I realised very quickly that helping women look and feel their best while working at a makeup counter back when I was studying comprised some of the happiest moments of my working life. It was then I decided to take a gamble to pursue my thirst for creativity, connecting with people and helping women feel incredible about themselves and making dreams come to reality. Now Iʼm living my dream life and spreading happiness & enthusiasm everywhere I go.

Whatʼs my secret sauce to success?

Love for what I do! Thatʼs all folks. I give it my all and spread it
around like glitter. I still get goose bumps when I finish a Makeup and I can see the joy in my clientʼs eyes, itʼs what drives me to keep going and continue to love what I do. Iʼm constantly on the hunt for the latest workshops by international & Australian Makeup Artists, attend product launches, and work with ethical makeup companies to give my clients an organic and cruelty-free make up experience with a feeling of high end.

What makes me me?

I love being a Makeup Artist, but most of all, I love being a mum to my three amazing kids. My life is pretty hectic, and I donʼt take anything for granted. I believe in gratitude, practice great faith, and surround myself with positive energy. My other loves include unwinding with a glass of gin and tonic listening to my wide collection of music, singing and dancing along, devouring my husbands home made pizzas & my endless grazing platters, and spending time with my beautiful family and supportive friends.


My Services Include

• Formals
• Special Occasion
• Education workshops

• Look-books
• Television
• Corporate Events


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