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Over the years, my schedule has become more and more full so over the past few years I began to build up an amazing team of Makeup Artists to work with me on large jobs or mentor them to represent my brand when Iʼm booked out and reflect all I stand for including the quality, convenience & luxury you experience when booking with me.

No matter what event you have being ;

• A Wedding

• A Formal

• A Fashion Shoot

• A Special Occasion

• A Press release

• Education workshops

• A Corporate Event

You can rest assured that your needs will be covered in a timely manner as Unveil the Beauty can come with a team of talented, professional and qualified hair and makeup artist.


Each artist is hand picked by me for their unique skills, professionalism, high hygiene standards, and most of all beautiful personalities that will make you feel at ease and confident in their ability to deliver the look you desire. 

If I'm not personally available for your date, one of these girls will be able to look after you and make you feel and look breathtakingly beautiful.

With 48 years of combined experience between all of us, you know you will be in perfect hands, so contact me for a quote today for your next big event.

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