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The difference between Airbrush and Traditional Makeup

So you want to book a professional & qualified artist to do your makeup for a special occasion like a wedding, formal or photo-shoot so that your skin looks flawless and the sound of “airbrush” sounds appealing but you’re not quite sure what that actually means?….. If this is you, then read this quick guide on the difference between wearing airbrush vs traditional makeup.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is simply a way you apply the makeup. Using a spray gun (kind of like the ones they paint cars with but much smaller) I apply a light layer of foundation and build the coverage up as I apply layer by layer on your face and/or body. Unlike traditionally applied makeup, where I use a brush or sponge to stipple the product into your skin.

Which one is better?

This is a tricky question, as it all depends on your skin type and what kind of coverage and finish you want.

So Here is a quick guide that may help you decide;

Airbrush Makeup is Perfect For;

- Normal to combination skin

- If you want a water-resistant finish in case of crying, rain or excessive sweat

- If you want longevity with minimal touch ups

- If you want a weightless feel with no transfer

- For hydrated skin

- If you want a matte to semi matte finish

- If you don’t mind paying a little bit more for the service and product

- If you are not in a rush as it does take about 15min longer to find and mix the perfect shade and gradually add the layers of coverage on bit by bit

- If you are not allergic to silicone-based foundation

- If you do not want a heavy full coverage base

However I would not recommend Airbrush makeup for anyone with;

- Problematic skin with uneven skin texture

- People who have visible facial hair known as “fluff” usually around the jaw line up to the front of the ears and along the forehead temple areas or upper lip hair

- Skin with visible signs of ageing when not smiling

- Skin with deep creases on the forehead and smile area even when not raising brows or smiling

- Dry or textured skin

- Excessive oily skin

- People who have a skin colour shade and undertone that is difficult to find a matching shade of foundation when purchasing one yourself

- People who want a heavy full coverage

- People who have pigmentation or uneven discoloration on parts of their face

What makeup do I use?

Personally I use a silicone based airbrush fluid foundation which makes it more water resistant then a water based foundation but in saying that, I also have a silicon based foundation which can be hand applied but has a fuller coverage . With the right skin prep, primer, technique, powder and setting spray a hand applied or airbrush finish can equally last as long and look as flawless, it just all depends on your skin and how light you’d like the makeup to feel, how heavy of a coverage you’d like and what kind of finish you’d like from dewy to matte or semi matte.

What is the price difference?

The price difference is about $10 between the two finishes of airbrush or hand applied because of the price of the products, the cost of the equipment, and the extra time it takes to apply as well as the extra wastage that occurs when creating and mixing your personal shade.

Do you feel more educated now on the difference and know which one would suit you better? I hope I have answered all your question, if not please feel free to email me at

For a full quote, please head over to my Contact page and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you further.

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