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Bella Box Review of Model co Party Proof Matte Lipstick

I was very excited about receiving my Bella Box in March, and in particular about the nail polish 3 in 1 kit and the hot aubergine matte lipstick, but unfortunately my goodies were not as good as expected!

Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick:


1. Why is it called Party Proof when just with the touch of my finger or a tissue, the entire lipstick smudges and moves like a Zumba dancer

2. Why is it called a Matte Lipstick, when clearly as shown in my picture its sheer and glossy and very hard to apply and the colour is inconsistent and poorly pigmented.

3. If a makeup artist is having difficulty in applying this lipstick, I am sure that an everyday user would struggle so don't waste your money if you don't have the time to apply this lipstick and have it smudged a minute later.


1. It's a very pretty aubergine colour-......however its way too frosty and sheer for a bold colour.

2. A good use of this would be using it on the eyes to create a wet 1920's look or apply a thorough layer of a matter lipliner in black or dark plum and then lipstick on top.

3. It has a inbuilt mirror, which clearly you would need to use, as there is not chance of whipping this baby out of your handbag and applying it discretely while no one is watching-my specialty:-).

4. I tried it under my cheek bones as a contouring option and it came up pretty good, very bendable and smooth, so it can be layered and powdered down with a shadow/powder to build coverage.

All up I would save yourslef this purchase, just goes to show that marketing can often be misleading with catchy words that will entice people to try a product, only to have it sit in their draw until it expires. Hope you have enjoyed this review, feel free to comment on anything you might like to learn about.xoxo

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