Introducing myself Aleksandra Pinneri owner of Unveil the Beauty - The Makeup Blogger

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be adding this blog to my list of services that I provide to my clients, and I hope it can be used as a tool to better your skills in applying and choosing makeup. It can also help you become wiser about brands, product options, and different techniques that are unique for each and every one of you. That way, you can create the ultimate look that you are after.

Since October 2013, I have been working out of “The Style Lounge” located in Rundle Mall Adelaide in the David Jones Building, Level One, in Adelaide Central Plaza. Basically, it’s right above M.A.C cosmetics. During the two days a week I have been putting into this project, I have been able to help so many women master several techniques in applying makeup, thus boosting their self confidence and helping them achieve the look they’ve always imagined.

It has been these experiences which I have shared with so many women in Adelaide over these past 6 months that have emphasized exactly what I always I knew deep inside: the calling I got to head into this career. It has led me to help other women build their confidence, makeup abilities, self knowledge, fulfillment, and the overall feeling of happiness.

This is the reason why I thought about starting a blog. I wanted to share my 8 years of experience and knowledge as a business owner, makeup enthusiast, skin and health researcher, and a wife and mum of 3. Hopefully you will value at least one thing from each one of my blogs; this is my ultimate goal.

My services are varied, so it makes it easy to pick and choose what suits your needs the most.

1. Makeup Application for Special Occasions, Formals, Photo Shoots, Weddings, Theatre, Catwalk, and Fashion Shows

I can come to your aid to transform you into the woman you are meant to be. Whether it's a natural look, dramatic, romantic, avant-garde, vintage, or something uniquely creative to extend your modeling portfolio, I can help you create it by using only the most professional, high quality products. Trust me… you will look amazing in front of the camera!

2. Makeup Tutorials, Workshops & Make-up Parties

This service is catered to your needs, so it can be varied. I can give a one-on-one lesson on how to apply a full face of makeup from beginning to end, or how to look ready for the runway.

I can also do a group workshop in my studio with your friends on how to create the sultry smoky eye or how to master a flawless base or how to highlight and contour your features. The topics are endless and catered to the client or group of friends.

You can also make a night of it and bring out the champaigne and have your own makeup party in the comfort of your own home, where everyone gets involved and receives advice and lessons on how to create the look of their choice and even gets to bring their own makeup and learn how to use it.

If you are an organization that wants to offer this service to your employees, I offer a workshop and cater it to your needs. I will go to your choice of venue and can also co-host it with a personal stylist and a hairdresser. This enables you to get a complete package to master your complete look.

A personal favorite of mine is a 2-hour workshop where we go through your makeup collection and pull out the keepe