Esmi Charcoal Brush

Esmi Charcoal Brush

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This brilliant soft bristle brush boosts the results of esmi’s Detoxifying Exfoliation Charcoal Serum by lifting and buffing away dead skin cells.


Why People Love Charcoal Brush:
- Boosts results of esmi Detoxifying Exfoliating Charcoal Serum
- Buffs away dead skin cells
- Brighter skin
- Easy to clean


The Charcoal Brush and esmi’s Detoxifying Exfoliation Charcoal Serum are the perfect exfoliating team. Designed to complement the serum, the soft brush gently buffs away dead skin cells while the serum gets to work for a more effective result.

  • How to use

    Using the dropper, apply the Charcoal Serum directly onto the Charcoal Brush then gently massage onto cleansed skin in circular motions.

    Keep your brush clean and fresh by rinsing with water after each, dab with a cotton pad and let dry facing downwards. Depending on how often you use the brush, wash with a gentle cleanser and wipe with an alcohol wipe on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We recommend replacing your Charcoal Brush every 6 months.