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In Studio 4hr one-on-one Advanced Masterclass

In Studio 4hr one-on-one Advanced Masterclass


🌟 Taking Your Makeup Career to the Next Level?
Feel like something is holding you back from making makeup your full-time income? Tired of not being booked up, having to justify your pricing, or even worse, undercharging just to get the job? This 4-hour Advanced Makeup Masterclass is the breakthrough you've been waiting for. I'll share the insider secrets that have helped me build a successful freelance makeup business over the past 18 years, opening doors you've only knocked on so far.


💍 Bridal Business Boost
Daydreaming about a year-round calendar filled with bridal bookings? Sick of brides trying to haggle down your prices? I get you. The wedding business is not just about the art; it's also about understanding your client, establishing your worth, and mastering the booking game. In this masterclass, I'll share my proven strategies to not just attract more brides but attract the right ones—those who value your artistry and are willing to pay for quality. These strategies will make you the go-to bridal makeup artist in your area, with a diary booked solid and zero time for tire-kickers.


🎨 Erase Your Doubts, Amplify Your Skills
Want to build a stunning portfolio but don't know how? Standing out is tough, I know. In this class, you'll bring a model and choose a specific look that'll add that "wow factor" to your portfolio—be it Editorial, Bridal, or Smokey Eye. We'll master it together. You'll walk away not just with new skills, but with newfound confidence and the ability to take stunning photos that actually show the world how good you are.


💡 Dream of High-End Work?
Feel like you're missing the 'secret sauce' that turns good makeup into great makeup? Struggle with differentiating between bridal and editorial-level artistry? I'll show you, step-by-step, how to elevate your techniques and share the industry secrets that have landed me magazine covers, celebrity clients, and runway shows.


Four Hours to Transformation
I know most courses are all talk, no action. This one is different. You'll get hands-on experience and personalized coaching. This transformative experience will provide more actionable insights in one lesson than a whole term at makeup school.


📋 What You'll Gain

  • 4 hours by my side as you learn, step by step, to create a makeup look that challenges you
  • Discussion on the business of freelance makeup artistry and how to get booked all year round
  • Identification of the areas where you excel and those you can improve, leveraging both to promote your services
  • Skills to take stunning photos, showcasing your talent online
  • Confidence in setting and negotiating your rates
  • Business acumen for targeting your dream clients
  • A Certificate of Completion for your professional growth
    And yes, we’ll have some light refreshments, because artists need fuel!


📅 Don’t Miss Out, Secure Your Spot
Slots are limited and available exclusively Mon-Fri between 9 am-2 pm in my studio in Nailsworth. If you're tired of missing opportunities, make this one count. Email me at to book.


💲 Your Best Investment Yet
Thinking twice about spending $500AU? Trust me, this isn’t an expense; it's an investment in unlocking bigger opportunities and boosting your income. Maybe you'll even join my team if that's your dream. Plus, let’s be real, it's a tax deduction! This is the best investment you could ever make in your makeup career.


Are You Ready?
If you're tired of second-guessing your talents and scared to invest time and money into something uncertain, trust me—I've been there. But investing in yourself, both internally and externally, is the only surefire way to break the cycle of doubt. It's what elevated me to the next level as a freelance makeup artist, and I want that for you too. So, if you're ready to elevate not just your skills but your entire makeup business, I'd love to be your mentor.

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