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I'm Alexandra Pinneri, a Hair & Makeup Artist, and the proud owner of Unveil the Beauty. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Your inquiry means a lot, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to potentially be a part of your upcoming event.


Currently I personally book hair, makeup & UGC clients Mon-Fri which keeps me super busy as it is, not even taking into account the demands of my 3 children so while I am not personally available for all weekend bookings, I do have an incredible team of talented artists who have been trained and mentored by me and consistently deliver premium results as indicated in our reviews. So rest assured, your beauty needs will be expertly taken care of. 

Now, let's discuss availability, pricing, and everything you need to make an informed decision.


Depending on the date, time, location, and the number of hair and makeup services you require, I can arrange for two artists to work together if its 8 services or more or send one artist alone if she can manage on her own.


If I only have a makeup artist without hair experience available for you but you also need hair styling done, I am happy to supply you with just the makeup component of the booking, and recommend some specialists in hair that may be available for you who can complement our services, allowing you to book a separate hairstylist.


Here is our 2024 pricelist (please note that we are only taking bookings up to 12 months in advance):



Makeup including lashes: $140 per person

Airbrush makeup including lashes: $150 per person

Blow wave (above shoulder): $80 per person

Blow wave (below shoulder): $90 per person

Above shoulder hair and makeup including lashes: $240 per person

Medium length hair and makeup including lashes: $260 per person

Long hair (below shoulder blade) and makeup including lashes: $270 per person

Above shoulder hair and airbrush makeup: $260 per person

Medium length hair and airbrush makeup: $280 per person

Below shoulder blade long hair and airbrush makeup: $290 per person


CHILDREN (10-14 years old)

Natural young teen makeup (no lashes): $105 per person

Flower girl hairstyling (above shoulders): $80 per person

Flower girl hairstyling (below shoulders): $90 per person

Young teen makeup (natural, no lashes) and hair styling (above shoulder): $210 per person

Young teen makeup (natural, no lashes) and hair styling (up to shoulder blade): $220 per person

Young teen makeup (natural, no lashes) and hair styling (below shoulder blade): $230 per person


CHILDREN (under 10 years old)

Complimentary blush, highlight, and gloss

Hair styling (above shoulder): $80 per person

Hair styling (below shoulder): $90 per person



Lash only application: $15

Supply and lash only application: $25

Tattoo removal (minimum 1 hour): $100 per hour

Early start fee before 6am per artist: $100



Call out fee and parking charges will be quoted once you confirm your suburb, ceremony time, and ready by time. This will allow me to check artist availability and provide you with an accurate quote.

To secure an artist for your chosen date, we require a 25% non refundable deposit which we can calculate for you based on your location and needs on the day.


Unfortunately between all of us, the following dates are now booked out;










How do I secure a booking?

If you would like to book one or more of the above services, please HERE and provide the following information:

  1. Date of your event;

  2. Time of your event;

  3. Ready by time;

  4. Occasion of the event;

  5. Suburb where you'll be getting ready;

  6. Number of makeups needed (please indicate if any are under 10 or under 15 years old);

  7. Do you require airbrush makeup?

  8. Do you require hair styling? If yes, please specify the hair length and indicate if any are children under 10 or under 15, or if anyone only needs an above-shoulder blow wave.

  9. Would you like a quote for makeup only if we're unable to accommodate hair?


Once I have this information, I'll double-check our schedules, assign a suitable artist for you, and send you the quote including the call out fee, terms and conditions, and deposit details required to secure your booking.


How long does a Makeup Take?

Please allocate an hour and 15 minutes per person per service when planning your start time. Hair and makeup is considered 2 services and expected to take between 2hrs-2,5hrs depending on the length, thickness, and style of the hair.


Please advise us on the length of you hair when waning to proceed with the booking so we allocate enough time for your booking, allocate an qualified artist for that service and quote you appropriately. If you are booking for other people also, please also let us know their hair length too.


Tell me about trials?

If you are not used to wearing makeup and are unsure of the look you are after, what you will feel like with makeup on, or just want to try the look out before your special event, then a trial is recommended.


Trials can be organised either in your home for a call out fee or at one of our studios in either Nailsworth, Glenelg South, Lockleys or Flagstaff Hill, depending on the artist's availability.

The cost of a trial is the same as on the day based on the prices above and a 25% deposit is required to secure the trial day.

Trials are recommended 4-6 weeks before your event. However, if you'd like to have a trial before securing your booking with a deposit, we can arrange that as well.

Please note that if the trial is far in advance, the exact products used on the day may not be available at the time of your event. In such cases, substitutes may be used. If you want to ensure the final look matches your expectations, a second trial might be beneficial.


Interested in Booking a Unveil the Beauty Artist on a weekend?

Our TEAM consists of five talented artists: Belinda, Erica, Briony, Sonja, and myself Aleksandra. We are all fully qualified, have versatile kits with high-end products for all skin types and colours, and possess extensive experience in makeup application and some have hair experience also.


The team members have been trained or mentored by me and have worked for leading makeup stores such as Mecca, Kryolan, Make-up Studio, and Bobbi Brown in SA & NSW. Rest assured, you'll be in capable hands, no matter who is available.


I hope I have answered all you question you may have so far. Please note that my admin days are Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 2pm. You should receive a reply from me within three working days. For urgent inquiries, please send me an SMS at 0402317265.


We're truly passionate about what we do and love making our clients feel confident and beautiful. That's the experience we strive to provide to every client.


I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to REPLY HERE to proceed with the booking.


Warm Regards,



Director-Unveil the Beauty

Founder-The Business to Beauty Academy

PHONE: 0402 317 265

Office admin hours Mon–Thurs 9am-2pm

Bridal Makeup Artist of the year SA 2020
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